Saturday, May 30, 2009

Fish Oil For Dogs

Do you want your dog to be as healthy as he/she can be? Are you searching for ways to give your pet added nutrients to allow him/her to have more energy and better immune systems? Have you stumbled across information about fish oil and are wondering whether it is safe to give to your pooch? Well here I will try to give you the answers to all your questions about fish oil for dogs.

Some background on fish oil and how it is developed. Well first off as the name implies, fish oil comes from, well you guessed it fish. The fish is brought into a plant, where it is then smashed into a pulp. The meat and other parts of the fish is shipped off to another plant to be processed into other usable material, while the fish oil is transfered into large vats where it can be used in pills, supplements, and other things.

So now that we have some background information about how fish oil is created, we can determine if it is safe to give fish oil to your dogs. Currently there is no fish oil specifically for dogs (or if there is I haven't found it) so the one thing that may be preventing your from giving your dog fish oil is that you may think that it is harmful to give your dog fish oil intended for humans. Well I will tell you right here, right now that it is completely safe to give your dog fish oil! Fish oil contains Omega 3 which gives it its beneficial effects. So don't be afraid about giving your dog fish oil, it can only help, but what are some beneficial effects of fish oil for dogs?

Fish Oil For Dogs Benefits

Fish oil can give your dog many healthy benefits. First off let me start by saying that even if your dog does not have any sicknesses at the time it is still good to give them fish oil because it can prevent them from catching a "cold." Fish oil can help your pets with just about anything. It helps with sicknesses, allergies, and studies show that it may even help them live longer by preventing common canine diseases. So why aren't you giving your dog fish oil?

Fish Oil For Dogs Dosages

Now that you know that fish oil is healthy for you dog, your next question will probably be how much fish oil should I give my pet? Well this has many factors, the most significant is the size of you dog. So the only way to get any accurate dosage measurements is to visit your local vet and ask them.

So now you know that fish oil is not harmful to your dog, in fact it is completely beneficial. We also learned that fish oil may prevent common diseases that are found in dogs. So please do not delay and give your dog some much needed help. Thanks for reading fish oil for dogs! Want to find out about possible fish oil side effects? Also read more at fish oil dosage for dogs.

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