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Fish Oil Dosage For Dogs

Before reading fish oil dosage for dogs start by reading fish oil for dogs so you can  learn all the great benefits that fish oil can have on your dog. If you don't feel like reading that whole post let me sum it up here. Fish oil is a great supplement that you can add to your dogs diet. It has some amazing short and long term benefits. In the short term section, it gives your dog more energy, than it has probably ever had. This is because of Omega 3, which is a very important nutrient that all of us should have in our diet, including your dog. It is normally found in fish oil, however it can be found in many other oils, such as flaxseed oil, find out more at benefits of flaxseed oil. The long term health benefits are countless, some of the main ones include an increase in cardiovascular health. The Omega 3 allows the blood to thin, allowing more oxygen to get into it. With more oxygen in your blood, more of it gets to the heart and lungs. This allows you and your dog to breathe better and more effectively, thus giving  you and your dog more energy. Fish oil also helps your dog avoid old age diseases, such as arthritis. This allows your dog to live longer and healthier. Usually when dogs grow old their bones grow brittle, which makes it hard to walk, which has a negative effect on your dog and your life. So do you and your dog a favor and give him some fish oil...but lets get onto what you were all waiting for.

Fish Oil For Dogs Dosages

So what is the proper dosage of fish oil for your beloved dog? Are there any negative side effects of giving your dogs too much fish oil?  Well getting the proper dosage of fish oil for your dogs is pretty straight forward. To get the proper dosage for your dog you must first know your dogs weight, with that in your mind you must times the weight by 20 to get the daily dosage of fish oil in mg. There for if your dog weighs 100 pounds your dog will get 2,000 mg of fish oil. Here is a quick chart of fish oil for dogs dosages-

Weight of dog            Daily fish oil dosage for dogs
5lbs                           100mg
10lbs                         200mg
20lbs                         400mg
30lbs                         500mg
50lbs                         1000mg
100lbs                       2000mg

So know you know the average daily fish oil dosage for dogs, and know how to calculate it for any weight. But, can you give your dog the fish oil you give? Well, you can but it may be more expensive to do so, so you may just want to buy fish oil for dogs, as it is usually a lot cheaper than higher grade fish oil that is for humans.

Side Effects of Getting Fish Oil Dosage for Dogs Wrong

So are there any side effects of giving your dog more than the alloted amount of fish oil? There are no major side effects of giving your dog more fish oil than it should. They will not have a build up of toxins, such as mercury or other nasty stuff. Your dog will not suddenly drop dead, or become sick. In fact the greatest side effect your dog will usually face is diarrhea.

When Will the Effects of a Target Dosage of Fish Oil For Dogs Take

Usually the benefits of fish oil start to happen in about 2-3 weeks. This is for the short term benefits, however you will notice the long term effects when you see your dog living past the average life span. When this happens you can contribute that to fish oil, and not only will your dog be living longer, it will also have a healthier life, with less difficulties in older age. So go ahead and give your dog fish oil, and do not be afraid of giving your dog the wrong amount of dosages.

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Argus said...

My understanding is that the correct dosage is 1000mg per 20lb of body weight. I wonder if there is a difference depending on the amount of EPA and DHA contained in a particular fish oil supplement. I got my dosage information here

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