Monday, October 12, 2009

When to Take Fish Oil

When to Take Fish Oil

So many of you have heard of the great benefits of fish oil, or that you can give fish oil for dogs, however you are hesitant to take it because you are afraid of any of the possible fish oil side effects. Well this post will help you make an informed decision on when to take fish oil.

You should take fish oil with high cholesterol

Fish oil has been proven that it can help decrease your bad cholesterol while increasing the "good" cholesterol. Therefore if you need to decrease your cholesterol and have tried all the supplements and pills that claim that they can help you get rid of that cholesterol you should just try taking some fish oil. However when else to take fish oil?

When to take fish oil |Fish Oil analysis

It has also been proven that fish oil can help with diseases which set in with old age, so really if you can take fish oil when ever you should. However, before just jumping in and start taking it, you should ask your doctor to make sure there are no side effects of fish oil that could effect you.

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