Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What Does Fish Oil Do For The Body ?

So your are on the edge about whether to take fish oil or not, well hopefully after reading this post you will have your mind made up as we tell you what fish oil can do for your body.

What Does Fish Oil Do For The Body

First off let me say that I am a strong supporter of fish oil. The benefits of fish oil are tremendous, and there are relatively few fish oil side effects. But lets review the tremendous benefits of fish oil. The first thing fish oil does for your body is that it helps with "elderly diseases" meaning that it helps prevent difficulties such as arthritis and other joint problems that usually pop up in old age. Fish oil also does a wonderful thing for your body by lowering your cholesterol, which helps blood flow and lowers your risk of a heart attack and heart disease.

Omega 3|Fish oil and the Body

Another thing fish oil does for the body is that it has omega 3 in it, and it has been proven that this cool little thing called omega 3 helps increase brain functions. In a study, it was proven that fish oil helped adults memory. Fish oil also helps with ADHD as it increases focus and brain function.

Fish Oil and Depression

Fish oil is also known to have decreased the effects of depression. Omega 3 help increase brain function, increase energy, and cardiovascular health, so overall it also not only makes you healthier but more happy too. So as you can see, you can stop asking, what does fish oil do for the body , and just go out and try it yourself.

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