Sunday, October 25, 2009

Health benefits of apple cider vinegar

 Apple cider vinegar overview
Apple cider vinegar is a natural, home remedy that has been in use for years. It cures just about anything, from arthritis to high blood, to cholesterol, and even runny noses and gout.

Health benefits of apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is made by the fermentation of apples, and the vinegar contains many healthful ingredients and vitamins including pectin, malic acid, potassium, sodium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorous, chlorine, sulphur, iron, and fluorine.

Pectin is used to helps reduce high cholesterol and blood pressure. Calcium, of course, helps to build strong bones and muscles. Potassium helps to control runny noses, hair-loss, weakness, growth, and numerous other issues. Malic acid in the apple cider vinegar helps to fight fungal infections, and it eats away uric acids that form around the joints. This in turn leads to healthier, stronger joints. Apple cider vinegar also removes toxins from the body, and it also breaks down fat, which in turn leads to weight loss. : )

Health benefits of apple cider vinegar

In conclusion, the health benefits of apple cider vinegar are almost too many to count. Apple cider vinegar helps with hundreds of problems such as constipation, headaches, arthritis, weak bones, indigestion, high cholesterol, diarrhea, eczema, chronic fatigue, hair loss, high blood pressure, gout, and obesity, just to name a few. Continue reading throughout this blog to find more information about not only the health benefits of apple cider vinegar, but also health benefits of fish oil, and even cod liver oil.

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