Saturday, October 10, 2009

Fish Oil Side Effects

This post is here to help you understand some of the possible side effects of fish oil and for you to decide whether these side effects outweigh the benefits.

Fish Oil Side Effects

While there are many healthy benefits of fish oil that help your body and mind there are a few side effects that are worthy you knowing about, even if they are minor.

Fish oil is loaded with a vitamin called Omega-3. While in low dosages this is completely harmless and can bee good for you, however in large dosages it may lead to increase bleeding, in the form of many things. Fish oil may also make you bleed longer than normal if you receive a cut to your skin. Fish oil may also cause pain or upset your stomach. However these side effects are usually overcome with more use. Other fish oil side effects include very minor ones such as a fishy taste and other small discomforts.

Other Fish Oil Side Effects

Other side effects that fish oil may create is diarrhea. This may also cause dehydration if you stop your intake of liquids, which could become very serious if you do. Fish oil may also cause abdominal pains. Another "side effect of fish oil" is that it may decrease depression however it has not been scientifically proven...yet.

So, Do The Benefits Outweigh The Side Effects For Fish Oil

I believe the countless number of fish oil benefits far outweighs the negative aspects of fish oil. However as always if you are unsure you should ask your doctor, for they will be able to give you more information on the matter.

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