Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Neuromega Fish Oil | Is Neuromega The Best?

Neuromega fish oil is a brand of supplements. Today we will be looking at and evaluating this brand of fish oil, to allow you to make a more informed decision when purchasing supplements.

Neuromega Fish Oil

Neuromega's fish oil says that it helps lower cholesterol, and help supports cardiovascular health, and muscles. Neuromega also claims that you can take up to 6 fish oil soft gels a day, however read more about fish oil dosage.  Neuromega fish oil also directs you to take the tablets on an empty stomach before eating. The cost of neuromega fish oil is at $25.00 for 60 tablets, which if compared to other brand could be pretty expensive, seeing that you could take up to six tablets a day according to the directions.

Side Effects of Neuromega Fish Oil

So are there any notable side effects of neuromega fish oil? Well according to the box neuromega fish oil is of pharmaceutical grade there for all the nasty poisons and toxins, such as mercury are out of it. That means you get all the benefits of fish oil with out the nasty build up of poisons. As always the usual very mild "side effects" occur as with almost any type of fish oil which you can read about at, side effects of fish oil. Therefore Neuromega fish oil is pretty good in this category as it is of pharmaceutical grade.

Conclusion of Neuromega Fish Oil

This fish oil will have very similar effects of other pharmaceutical grade fish oil, it is healthy for you and does not have any nasty side effects. The determining factor here would be cost, as cost are different depending on where you live, I can not answer this for you, but if this costs less than other brands I wouldn't be afraid to purchase Neuromega Fish Oil.

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