Sunday, August 14, 2011

How to Stop Wasps from Stinging my Dog

Baiting Wasps to help my dog

I know as a pet owner that when I see a wasp nest that is built in close proximity to my home I get very worried that my dog may stumble upon it and get in lots of trouble. I can just picture my beagle sniffing around a wasp nest getting a whole wasp swarm chasing him and stinging him. I am not sure if dogs are allergic to wasp stings however I think it would be horrible to watch him lay paralyzed in his own fear while he swelled up. These are the nightmares that haunt me and force me to deal with a wasp problem head on. However because I am also allergic to wasps I am afraid to take direct action against a fully functioning wasp nest filled with thousands of wasps with their stingers. Instead I prefer to build a homemade wasp trap. Wasp traps are a fantastic way to get rid of a wasp infestation that could harm your dog. Homemade wasp traps are incredibly cheap especially when compared to store bought poisons when can run you upwards to 30 dollars. However in order for your wasp trap to be successful you must use the correct bait to catch the wasp. For some of the best wasp bait recipes I would visit this site. Just a quick synopsis of it. Basically in the early spring you will use meat to arm your traps as apparently the wasps flying around will be attracted to protein but in summer you switch to sugary foods as they will be attracted to that then.

So if you are worried about your dog stubling upon a bee or wasp nest take a look at these tips as I am sure you will be able to clear out whatever wasp infestation you have without any casualties on your side.

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