Monday, August 22, 2011

Reducing Triglycerides Naturally

Reducing Triglycerides Naturally

As we have read before triglycerides are fine if you have them in the optimal triglyceride range in your body. However if you suffer from high triglyceride levels then you could run into trouble. High triglycerides can have many damaging effects on your body, such as causing heart disease, make you vulnuerable to heart attack, and increase your chance of experiencing a stroke. Therefore reducing triglycerides should be a very important goal in your life if you are suffering from elevated levels of triglycerides. Usually doctors will prescribe a pill for you to take that could have beneficial effects. However swallowing pills day after day is never fun plus new research is suggesting that these lowering triclyercide pills may not even be working. This is why more and more people are searching for natural ways to reduce triglycerides. These methods are usually cheaper and will help create a more healthy lifestyle instead of just depending on pills that lower high triglyceride levels for the rest of your life.

First method of reducing triglycerides naturally is excercise. Triglycerides are a lot like cholesterol in make up. They are good in the correct range however when they move out of that they can become harmful. Thankfully there are easy ways to removing both. The first is excercise. My excercising you get the blood pumping in your veins much faster. This blood rushing through your veins will stop cholesterol and triglycerides from storing up, decreasing your chance of experiencing a determental heart attack or possibly a stroke. Also by excercising you are burning fat. Triglycerides are basically fat that your body stores up and is released when your body needs energy. By excercising you are using up this stored energy and burning the triglycerides and fat away. This is a very easy method of reducing triglycerides naturally and doesn't cost any money either.

The next step to reducing triglycerides naturally is eating healthy. Healthy foods have things in them called good cholesterol which will get rid of the bad stuff as well as triglycerides. Eating low fat food that gives you energy is the best types. This will fill your satisfaction while giving your body all the nutrients it needs. Best yet there will be not fat in them or if there is it will be good energy rich fat and not the type found in chocolate bars or big marshmellows. Some great food to chow down on to lower triglycerides naturally include nuts, fruit, meat, and vegetables. All of these will leave you feeling full and reduce your triglyceride intake.

Hopefully with these tips we can take you off that awful triglyceride lowering pill and put you on the fast track to low triglycerides the all natural way. Afterall there is no way more satisfying then beating and reducing triglycerides naturally.

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