Saturday, July 9, 2011

Consumer Reports Fish Oil Ratings

Well one thing people do to figure out if a product is safe or does what it is intended to do is to check out the Consumer Reports for that products. Im here to tell you what you may find for the Consumer Reports of Fish Oil Ratings.

Consumer Reports Fish Oil

Fish oil, you will know if you have been reading about it, has very good effects on your body. Fish oil has been clinically proven to help the consumer of it to lower blood sugar, have healthier skin, have clearer (less acne) skin, and a whole boat load of other good effects. However there are a couple of side effects that you should know about. Know unless your are eating about 1000x times the daily suggested value you have nothing to worry about from mercury poising. Most of the side effects are very small and nominal such as your breath having a fishy smell. However if you are allergic to fish or seafood I wood definitely reccommend asking your doctor before taking fish oil. I believe the consumer reports fish oil ratings will tell you very much the thing. People will be happy with the products and state there is nothing to be afraid of for side effects.

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