Monday, July 25, 2011

Krill Oil Versus Fish Oil

Krill Oil Versus Fish Oil

Krill oil vs fish oil has been a hotly debated topic in the medical pills community. You can find individuals that swear on krill oil, that it has almost magical powers. Then you can find others that swear on fish oil, that it can literally save your life. So who is right in this debate on what is better fish oil or krill oil. Well lets take a look at the empiracle data about krill oil and fish oil.

What's the Difference Between Krill Oil and Fish Oil

Well the main difference is obviously where the oil comes from. Krill oil is harvested from krill which look and are a lot like shrimp. They have a lot of oil in them and the oil is very much like that found in fish.

Fish Oil as the name implies comes from fish. Fish usually fish that swim in large schools are rounded up and captured. The oil is then harvested and is put into capsules.

The krill oil vs fish oil debate argues that either one of these oils is better than the other. Well when you look at the reported benefits from both krill oil and fish oil you see that they are almost exactly the same. This data implies that krill oil and fish oil are very similar and the debate between krill oil versus fish oil is useless. However when looking into what supplement to buy there are some obvious benefits when choosing to purchase fish oil

Since fish oil comes from fish, which are much larger than krill they also come with more oil. This means more oil can be produced with a smaller catch, which in turns means more money for the fisherman. This is also good for the consumer because it drives the price of the fish oil down since there is a large quantity of it. THis means krill oil vs fish oil debate goes in favor of fish oil because the price is much less than krill oil. You still get all the same benefits, it's just cheaper. However if you find yourself unable to get over the fishy smell of fish oil then you may want to choose krill oil. However the debate between krill oil versus fish oil may never end because it hard to get exactly data about the benefits of both.

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