Sunday, July 10, 2011

Is Fish Oil Safe to Consume

So recently with all the food scares going on throughout the world I have been getting questions asking me whether fish oil is safe to consume. Most people are scared that it is possible that mercury levels can build up in the fish and when they are harvested for their oil this mercury will end up in the fish oil pill. Which, when we consume will end up in our bodies. So we will take a look in this post whether you should be cautious about this.

Is Fish Oil Safe to Eat

Now fish oil has been around for a while so its been fairly well studies by scientists and the rest of the research based community. They have found many, many benefits of taking a daily fish oil dosage. It helps your health physically and mentally. After years of testing most studies have found almost no negative effects of fish oil. Fish oil is a great and easy way of staying healthy. Scientist don't believe that there is a dangerous amount of mercury in fish oil to be dangerous to your health. The only side effect that you should be aware of is the potential have smelling a little fishy. However that is a very small trade off to all the great health benefits that fish oil provides. The work of the consumers report fish oil ratings all acknowledges just how great fish oil is.So don't be afraid to take the super supplement of fish oil you won't be sorry.

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