Tuesday, July 12, 2011

What is Malic Acid

So many of you I am assuming have come across the substance called malic acid. However you wonder exactly what is malic acid? Well malic acid is usually found in almost all types of unripened fruit. However there have been many amazing benefits associated with taking a daily supplement of malic acid. However lets look very technically at what malic acid is.

What is Malic Acid

Technically speaking malic acid is an organic compound. As said early malic acid is found usually in unriped fruits and vegetables. However, malic acid is also the thing you feel when eating sour or tart things such as lemons or limes. Malic acid was first "discovered" in around 1785 in apples which was the first time it was ever singely isolted and identified even though it had been around for obviously many years before. Malic acid is also what causes the tartness is certain candies such as warheads or other extremely sour candies. Malic acid is obiously safe to eat and you can take a look at benefits of malic acid for more information.

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