Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Best Fish Oil Supplements

Many of you have probably heard of fish oil, if you haven't and are trying to get some good background information on the subject matter feel free to scan some of the other pages on this site. However for those of you that know about fish oil and are trying to determine the best fish oil supplements then this page is for you as I will be dedicating it to bringing you the most up to date information on the miracle supplement of the 21st century, Fish Oil.

The Best Fish Oil Supplements

Many of you are probably potential buyers of fish oil and are on a quest looking for the best fish oil supplements that bring you the most benefits for your buck. Well to do this you are going to have to know what plagues certain kinds of fish oil. The first major side effect of fish oil is that they live in the ocean...I know this doesn't sound like a real side effect, but it is you will see in a few moments. Well, what is everyone so worried about now a days? Pollution, you know why everyone is so worried about pollution? They are worried because pollution is getting in the ocean and poisoning our sea life on this world. The most notable pollution that affects fish today is mercury. Yes the very same stuff that is in your thermometer that reads your temperature. However, consuming mercury could lead you to a sickness that you may never recover from. Fish, if not properly treated can carry loads of mercury, which is not something you want in your body. Since the mercury is in your fish, it will inebitably get in to your fish oil, which is something we do not want happening.  Another minor side effect of fish oil that can put many of is that fish oil makes you smelly. Yes most fish oil will make you start to smell like a fish, however there are options.

The Best Fish Oil Tablets

The very best fish oil tablets would be molecularlly distilled odorless fish oil supplements. When fish are molecularlly distilled the mercury is basically sucked up out of them, leaving the manufacturers with pure fish oil. This pure fish oil is what we want as it has no nasty side effects that non-distilled fish oil may have. You are going to want to get odorless fish oil because it will have no smell what so ever. Therefore you won't have that fishy smell following you around all day. Thanks for reading "The Best Fish Oil Supplements"

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