Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Liquid Fish Oil and Other Liquid Nutrition

As many of you know, fish oil pills can come in many shapes and forms. Some fish oil supplements come in a powdered form, some in soft gels and supplements in the form of liquids. Here we will talk about each of the supplements.

Liquid Nutrient Supplements

There are many liquid vitamins out there, this is because they are very easy to take and add into your diet. With liquids you can put a small amount into a drink such as liquid vitamin d supplements and drink it with out even knowing it is there. This is also great for all those that are not fans of taking pills or soft gels.

Fish Oil Pills

Fish oil pills are another way to take fish oil. Fish oil pills have some great benefits however there are some side effects. The benefits of fish oil pills are that they have almost no taste at all. This is great for anyone that hates the taste of fish oil. However, some people have trouble swallowing fish oil pills which is a drawback of these pills.

Fish Oil Soft Gels

Fish oil soft gels are great for all of those that hate pills or liquid nutritional supplements. Fish oil soft gels are very easy to swallow which is a positive over pills and generally have no taste. However some people can not stand the texture of fish oil soft gels which make it hard for them to swallow.

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