Thursday, November 19, 2009

Fish Oil for Pets

You have probably read our post about fish oil for dogs, however did you know that you can also give fish oil to many different types of pets? Well the omega 3 found if fish oil not only benefits dogs, but also a whole host of other pets. If you are trying to help your dog, cat, or almost any other pet lead a better more healthy life than you should definitely be giving them the omega 3 that can be found in fish oil. The omega 3 can help in a whole host of ways. It can give your pet more energy, it can improve blood flow which increases the amount of oxygen reaching their brain and lungs, it also reduces seasonal allergies.

How to Get Your Pet to Take Fish Oil

Some of you will be able to give your pet fish oil with out a wrestling match, however there are some dogs or pets that will struggle to take a fish oil pill or tablet. There are a few options of what you can do here, first you can try giving them fish oil in another form, maybe the soft gels will work, however another way is to give them it hidden in a different type of food, you can try some new dog food recipes and try to sneak a pill of fish oil in it. Any way you can give it to them will be great because you and your dog don't know what you are missing when it comes to fish oil!

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