Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Not Related to Fish Oil in Any Way

First off, let me say that this post has nothing to do with fish oil in any way, this is  a post referring to a question asked by one of my readers on one of my other websites, however I am building posts here, so I told him to look here for the answer. This question was what is one of the best video games (asked on my video game website at best modern warfare 2 killstreak setup) so here is my answer.

I will have to say that I really enjoy modern warfare 2. I came out about a week ago and I am already hooked. There are a ton of modern warfare 2 killstreak unlocks and modern warfare 2 killstreak customization. To add to the customization you can also choose to use modern warfare 2 pro perks. This adds a whole new level of customization to the previous game in the series called call of duty 4. Another interesting aspect of modern warfare 2 is modern warfare 2 death streaks. These death streaks give you rewards when you die, I know it sounds silly, but is a real thing. The modern warfare 2 killstreak list is amazing, there are so many killstreaks available. They range from a modern warfare 2 emp to modern warfare 2 sentry gun, you can even get modern warfare 2 stealth bombers!!

Another of my all time favorite games is fallout 3. This is not a shooter like modern warfare 2. Instead this game is an rpg which is where you rank up levels and skills while collecting cool weapons and armor. This game also has a tremendous amount of customization. You can choose what your character looks like, how he is preceived in the world, and much much more. A bonus to this game is also bobbleheads, these are cool items hidden throughout the fallout world that give you cool abilities and skill bonuses if you find them all. If you want a complete guide of fallout 3 bobblehead locations visit my page!

Thanks for reading this post, sorry it is a big off topic from the usual fish oil theme of the website however I thought that my reader would enjoy a nice answer to his question, and I decided to help anyone else wondering about this so I posted it here. Thanks for your time!

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