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Fish Oil And Cholesterol Reduction

Many people wonder about fish oil and cholesterol reduction. As many of you know by now, if you have read this site, fish oil has a nutrient in it called omega-3. This is an extremely important vitamin, I cannot express this enough. This is a miracle vitamin without a doubt, it just does so many beneficial effects for your body and it is all natural. Scientist have been trying mimic the effects of omega-3 but to no avail. It seems that sometimes nature can provide more than man can make. However what does  all this have to do with cholesterol and more specifically cholesterol reduction. Well hopefully we can answer that question in the rest of this post, however before I move onto that let me clear something up, DO NOT believe everything you hear on the internet. The internet has become a place where anyone can just come on and create a website and write about anything they want. They make themselves sound like experts however they don't decide to back up anything they say. This is where they go wrong and many people believe what they say unknowingly. The truth about the internet, however sad it may sound, is that you need to double check and triple check everything before you can make an informed decision, I know, you should not have to do this, but it is the right thing to do, at this website however we will only bring you the most up to date information, backed up with facts.

Does Fish Oil Reduce Cholesterol

So many people out there have heard all the hype about fish oil and  you have decided if it can help you reduce your cholesterol. So naturally you wander on over to google and type in something like, does fish oil aid in cholesterol reduction, or does fish oil lower cholesterol, and have found this website. However, before I go into the answer to this question, lets get into some more background information about cholesterol.

Good Cholesterol

As many of you know cholesterol is basically like a plaster that sticks to the side of your veins and continually builds up and up. Usually it has not negative affects, however as it builds up it can "clog" your vein. This is not good as it can lead to major side effects, including having a heart attack. So how can this nasty thing called cholesterol be called good? Well good cholesterol does basically the exact opposite of bad cholesterol, instead of sticking to the sides of arteries it passes through harmlessly, but that's not all it does, it also takes that bad cholesterol away. It does two things in one. So as you can see you want to get all the good cholesterol you can get.

Bad Cholesterol

The bad cholesterol is the cholesterol that sticks to the walls of arteries and cause things like heart attacks and other heart troubles. Now this is extremely bad and should be avoided at all costs. It not only causes heart attacks, but also heart disease, which is one of the biggest killers in the United States.

Omega-3 In Fish Oil Reduces Cholesterol

Fish oil is the great supplement it is mainly because of one key aspect, omega-3. Omega-3 is a fatty acid and is amazing. Omega-3 has been shown to thin the blood allowing the blood to move to the lungs with more oxygen in it. In turn this allows you to be able to breathe better and allows your whole body to have more energy. Omega-3 also lowers the chance you you developing elderly diseases in older age. The usual elderly diseases include arthritis and even altimers. Don't you want to lead a more productive life with less of a handicap, but I'm getting off topic yet again, what you want to know is fish oil and cholesterol reduction. So without further ado.

Fish Oil for Lowering of Cholesterol

In a recent study scientist followed patients that had records of high cholesterol, and the patients were give fish oil supplements for lowering cholesterol.  The participants in this study used fish oil for 3 months, and at the end of the three months the scientist noticed some very interesting results. The scientist noticed that fish oil did in fact promote a reduction in cholesterol. The scientist did not expect this, but this is not all they found, they also noticed that the patients also had a lowering of triglycerides, thus supporting the fact that omega-3 is very important  as a health supplements.So the conclusion of this write up is yes fish oil can aid in cholesterol reduction. Thanks for reading fish oil and cholesterol reduction.
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Fish oil is proven to be an age old remedy for so many chronic ailments. Are there any long term studies to prove it's efficiency against cholesterol reduction?

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